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[Freebies] free tour books

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Dear friends,# b7 s4 w& E) R9 r: h4 ~/ ^& Z+ H
6 D% N2 X- _5 C# ?! n$ M
I have the following tour books I don't need.  Contact me if you are
; E# S% G+ M9 ]& k# A1 C9 minterested.  Call Jacob 650-593-3825 or
& ?4 x/ m) K- ~5 f  `- u1 z4 q0 G" j
9 u5 U- `. R  G% ]! N" l$ }- Amsterdam 1999 (Lonely Planet)# j& a; E/ ]/ `! h; L$ i
- Norway 2001 (Lonely Planet)8 H* `0 _* p! e9 y: V4 h
- Scandinavian and Baltic Europe (Lonely Planet)/ O2 w2 l5 k& S2 m9 F: \# a
- Brussels and Bruges, 96 pages with maps (CityPack)
: A7 R& H. K1 Y7 x" E- 35 countries Hostel directory 2002 (Hostelling international)
% T  F8 A$ K4 ]& {; R8 l
3 g1 w' p3 ~' EUS:; T1 C2 w) r% y; Q4 i
- Northern California, 920 pages with maps (Moon Travel Handbooks), B/ _3 o3 `# Q, S# ~1 x: W# j' W
- California & Hawaii: Wildlife refuges (Audubon guide): x: D% V2 I4 |3 L- Z
- New York City, 432 pages color illustration (DK)
0 J( X. B& t: Q; q" _2 u- J1 W- Arizona 2002, 450 pages (Frommer's)8 ?8 M$ L* d5 u/ f
- Washington & Oregon 2002 (Frommer's)
7 i+ P" L( m# O% Q2 x( o5 Z" s! G, N- Kentucky: an insider's guide, 324 pages color illustration (Fodor's)' t8 z0 d5 j/ ~, Q- J. b- k$ X+ [% S# D
- Virginia (Lonely Planet)
7 z+ w% r. b; t# }
: l) Y5 C% o, W  ?The Americas:
' Z4 X) m& M6 d- Canada, 432 pages color illustration (DK)% t1 F6 l1 V8 J! Z# J+ k( c
- Eastern Canada Outdoor, 288 pages color illustration (National
+ j0 t, t+ w3 P6 A; QGeographic)# I1 U+ c- R! Q- I7 b& Q1 S' q
- Caribbean exploration, 287 pages color illustrations (Fodor's)
: @# ~( G; }& ~( y6 J- Belize, 239 pages (Lonely Planet)
: K$ o2 M. C& r. S- Ecuador and Galapagos Handbook, 480 pages (Footprint)" h: q* Y9 J0 N. d) k( y

, s! C9 R" W2 L: c1 p$ u' n( wJapan (books written in Chinese):, v5 w; E+ L# V1 ^8 c  B- q
- Tokyo lightrail tours
2 c, {, e( H7 w' k- Q- Kyoto Gourmet food and restaurant
' U1 S4 ^% B# h$ {5 |4 Y$ E- Kyoto Walk tours3 _$ J6 j6 l( z1 ~* l! j
- Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara
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