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johnsonl 發表於 2006-7-2 23:33:23 | 顯示全部樓層 |閱讀模式
檢視: 5378|回覆: 3
hello everyone, i am planning to have activities either in Santa Barbra, or Santa Monica.
Santa Barbra Beach, its like a old Spanish town a very beautiful town, we can try kayak which i tried today was very fun. you can have double or sing kayak, student ID only $5 per hr. or we can go fishing, swim and shopping on the main street, "State street".

Santa Monica Beach , there are 2 to 3 volleyball fields we can try to play, n amusement park on pier, 3rd street for shopping and ride bike along coast all th way to Vanice Beach. (on the way there are many shop and views)

For more informations Date, and time, i will discuss with Stella.  so everyone welcome to come Have fun, enjoy summer in LA.  YEAH !:kicking::kicking:
tfkc05 發表於 2006-7-3 22:48:18 | 顯示全部樓層
Yeah men...
sound like fun activity...
CSUN 發表於 2006-7-5 14:05:16 | 顯示全部樓層
Hey guys,
         Sounds like a workable plan!! Since I'm living at Diamond Bar right now, I probably need to take my brother with me to all the TSA activities.
   Anytime is fine with me except monday, Saturday and  7/19/06 (my relatives are coming to visit us and I need to go pick them up at Airport) By the way,
   are you guys going to join us on 7/7 Friday?!
tfkc05 發表於 2006-7-11 10:17:09 | 顯示全部樓層
I am So sorry...
i didnt attend 7/7 dinner
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