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有人有紐約New School University同學會的聯絡方法嗎?

joanming 發表於 2006-7-31 22:38:54 | 顯示全部樓層 |閱讀模式
檢視: 10180|回覆: 5
HI~# z: l# H/ b; }
) X3 T# d; u, @2 |3 s
我今年要去紐約的New School U了
: E- f- g& Y( B/ I/ g! x! U3 k0 _3 e, w5 s
讀的是media studies
, s9 [. V( E' ]+ M2 ^' K. c8 P+ b' y' q/ u2 _- N6 k
  f& D& K0 ^. |7 U( G7 S, O  V4 k8 g
2 s; O4 n$ D! D) ^& S9 F" a$ J都找不到相關的訊息
0 h/ E7 s" f$ g% p  q8 Z5 Z6 `% p$ F; F& z" }
toughros 發表於 2006-8-1 12:27:49 | 顯示全部樓層

NYU? NEW school U?

Hello* A, N9 [# W9 Q' w& @
# q3 {; e" K; C: S0 a
It is very easy to find any school in NY.  I need to know which one you are going?!, \1 e. ^7 ?5 R* Q
" A/ r  \  t: B1 l2 }( s
email me or call me 919=607-6788 before 930pm eastern time$ q& e! N" M5 z: P# C
& e2 l) J/ u2 W7 ?, x
Angel, AAWSC
( [$ ~; q' i8 _' Y% q( d; U7 h! A7 |& v$ G
hotddt 發表於 2006-8-1 15:07:32 | 顯示全部樓層
原帖由 toughrose 於 2006-8-1 12:27 PM 發表
) a# X& t% d- T1 a0 V6 Y$ Y: V  ]Hello
" N3 i$ y$ _% h% @; d2 ^* g* D  m+ J- V2 J
It is very easy to find any school in NY.  I need to know which one you are going?!, c3 i' }4 p- d

5 I1 R, y2 K. \" f0 p" W7 I2 cemail me or call me 919=607-6788 before 930pm eastern time
& {. F/ D3 S3 Y1 l2 q# r8 l7 J1 \4 y% O( Y4 }2 `; a
Angel, AAWSC+ e* [& s1 k, X! E2 d

  U9 Z1 A' i4 R- X% t- B" z! A
  I$ ]* X) W# W% k# @4 h7 e
 樓主| joanming 發表於 2006-8-3 22:34:22 | 顯示全部樓層


2 c$ x. z6 ^' x. V1 vthe new school以前叫做new school university7 s! {" ^; D. B0 B
: W# [/ E$ L, B; Z, Z( [^^
toughros 發表於 2006-8-4 09:40:09 | 顯示全部樓層

About new school in NYC

謝謝你這麼熱心協助朋友諮詢,有沒有興趣加入留學小顧問呀 ..thanks and it would be fun to help out if I could.  Since 1992 that I came to this country to study from SDSU to Rivier College till UNH, it was a wonderful journey!  Even though I never once was officer for the TSA , but I did help with their activities many times.  If you need to know more about my journey, you could ask me.  About the New school in NY, I do know someone is from Parson now and I will ask him.  What do you need to be helped by the way?  I will update their site for you later.
3 v& ~( w- \& q! v( y# F$ H5 Q7 W
! k6 E0 r8 Q5 X  d  F2 U0 uYou could email me to ' N2 c- t2 f6 Z' x5 X7 U. S

5 `# K1 P# P; ~$ ~" NAngel
toughros 發表於 2006-8-4 09:51:17 | 顯示全部樓層

Parsons School of Design

Parsons School of Design 曾昱章 Brian
. j/ V* y- `0 y6 H, ^
. @( m% j2 B* z/ ]Above is the TSA President so email him.  If he does not reply you, you just let me know.
( Y# Y2 t9 z9 S: _8 [( @5 d8 a7 N
& Y. w* U/ `% c9 c+ k1 d9 vAngel
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