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Language exchange partner(LEP)

toughros 發表於 2006-8-7 07:21:39 | 顯示全部樓層 |閱讀模式
檢視: 9018|回覆: 6
Does any of you have such experiences?8 j0 T0 ]. w" C  w9 ~" P0 M0 p. |

+ y- _' q$ Z# k/ k% H' I7 EWhile I was at SDSU, my first LEP was an American.  He was into Asian culture and wanted to learn how to speak Chinese.  Later on, he did come to Taiwan for some exchange program.  We met again in Taiwan while I took vacation back home.  It was such special jouney with him even though our relationship did not work out, but he was such wonderful friend that I will always remember.  I hope I could find some school still has such program.  Does anyone know?  I was trying to find my dry sis Daria one before she leaves US?  I have not yet found one.  Thanks for sharing.
/ y2 J( Y7 g, G7 e- S& I" j$ @+ V
' ?' ?7 V+ n, X. `0 R, s1 [Angel in DC
chemery 發表於 2006-8-7 07:27:38 | 顯示全部樓層
我知道 Palo Alto 的 Adult School 好像有這種課程,1 r  A* z! M. `3 f# R
二個人, 互相想要學習對方的語言,
! N6 x1 U) T& i- _6 M; @7 ?8 A去上課, 可以找到配對的夥伴,
1 M- ]7 @7 X  a) b至於成為好朋友, 課外交流, 就看個人造化 ~~
5 y% y* z4 f9 E% G. r5 V- p' \5 G8 z: y  r+ N5 L  K4 B

6 j9 M. z" ]+ j/ y- Z, t
& I8 t3 `$ t! l9 O" Y) |
  @! c0 Y2 T/ X" t
* Q. j2 ?6 a% t/ e# W, \
* Q. T, e1 S- R8 L$ O* O, @
! x$ Y% f( R* {5 \- X; {! s- l0 z! j0 L, {
1 S, G* Y9 x9 a
+ {+ a+ w' W$ `
; ^" S6 z9 N1 u! T
' w- D/ k7 _- D) h5 {6 i. F3 G& e

: C' r5 k% u8 [1 B( C& Q/ `$ _0 A2 t( M( ~1 y

+ f# D  v! K- V/ Y& z& m! d( p============================================+ D7 a" G6 r' C! \2 O$ t4 T" [
覺得這種課程很不錯的 May
hotddt 發表於 2006-8-7 09:58:56 | 顯示全部樓層
toughros 發表於 2006-8-8 10:11:07 | 顯示全部樓層

回覆 #3 hotddt 的帖子

haha.......hey that was Free for us!  I did not know now it is part of classes.  How interesting?
Alice 發表於 2006-8-11 14:04:12 | 顯示全部樓層
i know there are people just posting ad to find a partner like this..
& V0 P( `1 F4 [; E$ H4 f  m) Mgive it a try?!4 v6 g" y3 |! q
; p1 o' L* N) E  n
LatteCre 發表於 2006-8-12 09:51:59 | 顯示全部樓層

回覆 #2 chemery 的帖子

這樣很好  我很希望能有這樣的課程
6 Q$ A; m) ~5 W) J9 R5 n可以互相學習語言  又可能成為好友
' x7 `7 ~$ G) \, A& j$ t好羨慕:kicking:
! A2 H2 u# {, I) t, m, N真希望sjsu有這種課程   而不是一大堆台灣人 ^^!
toughros 發表於 2006-8-15 03:49:40 | 顯示全部樓層


Just few weeks ago, I did post for my dry sis about LEP, somehow people replied are from Taiwan.  Is it that interesting?!  # J7 Z6 S' o3 F3 t6 E( ]7 e
2 s" X; h) h3 }
The LEP was from SDSU during summer of 1992 English as second language program.  It depends on school and they will ask you to fill out the form and they asign you a LEP (American)...# n$ B) p! X  N  t& S

6 o( g* K3 h7 YAngel in DC
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