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LA College theme Party---November (caree

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:kicking:Most of you have been asked me about what coming November VIP party
would be like? It would be focusing on college students and also
people who graduated from. We also like to encourage whoever is
currently studying in graduate school would like to stay in US for
his or her future career to join us. We will assign you a career
advisor to assist you when you are ready for your career move.
Networking now is your best key if you want to enjoy your life in
America. Please send in your application to join our November party
and deadline is November 5th. If you replied after deadline, you
would be withdrawal. Please email the application to this email
address enclosed your photo to apply and you
also agree for 20 minutes phone interview.  After you complete the process, our party hosts (one was USC officer, the other is from Poly, both of them are working in LA in EE related.) will contact you.  Welcome you to join us!
Angel, AAWSC

AAWSC Application Form
Application #1
Name姓名(Chinese and English):
Blood : 血型:
Heigh/weight: 身高/體重:
Hobby: 興趣:
Education Background: 學歷: 大學
(lists of school that you attended since elementary school till
degree included major小學至最高學歷)
School of Elementary:
School of Junior High:  
School of Senior High: 
School of College:
School of Graduate Degree:
School of Doctoral Degree:
Working Experiences: 工作經驗:
E-mail#1: 電子郵件:
Post Address:
Telephone #(H):
Telephone # (O):
Cellular #
Yahoo Messenger #
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20 minutes phone interview??? 

感覺好像要加入什麼祕密幫派的儀式 ~~~

不知道入取率是多少呀?  :naughty:
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LA college theme party--help your career

Dear TSA officers:

We are here to inform you to share our coming college theme party in November with your fellow members.  Our party goal is to help them to assign a career advisor to help with their future career move.  This would be a great opportunity for them via our activity created their social network.  If any of you is interested in to join our party, please reply the below application form by Nov 5th.  We are looking forward to hear from you.  Please feel free to email us if you have any question.

Job Post (Maryland) Please send in resume if you are interested in.

We currently are looking for someone to fill in a Civil Engineering company in Maryland for a position as a project assistant.  A qualified candidate will be getting sponsored by the company for H1B visa.  If any students who have graduated this year might be interested in, please email me for more detail.  A phone interview will be set up to select if you are qualified for a formal interview.
Please email to

Angel, AAWSC

AAWSC Nov College theme party reply form (do not leave any blank)

Current School:_________________________________
College in your home country_________________________
When will you graduate:_________________________________
MSN account:__________________________________________
Phone #________________________________________________
Which date is the best for you? 11/18 or 11/25 or 12/2________________________
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