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[Freebies] Bank of America promotion: Free 2008 Museum visit starting in May

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9 w$ M' t6 S4 X* A) eStarting this May, you can visit your favorite museum for free on the first weekend of every month. With over 70 museums nationwide, there’s one near you. So check back soon–new program details will be available by the end of April.
* l* F' u( y: I8 a8 ]+ p  ~. M- \6 E2 N1 ]0 U( E4 P% h  F4 I

  d3 h# {: c& m  j0 T2007 Bank of America Museums on Us™ Program: V2 j' ^" r5 C# r9 [# x. @$ d+ N
Participating Institutions
' k) @2 Q  V# S5 e3 W) \California7 ^8 ~( T- u7 a) N/ s
Asian Art Museum San Francisco( S3 Y, L! O1 b5 E
California Academy of Sciences! M- g, G' G, Z# w9 t
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art4 G: z$ F# D/ H2 s' T4 j' [  q+ u3 \
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts! F. {" t9 }0 n4 u1 \
de Young Museum
5 c5 h* M# A4 z9 |) _! D4 ULegion of Honor8 `- ]5 }8 P3 r1 @" I' b* C
Riverside Art Museum; X# s+ ?! P- j# [/ N" S' k
Riverside Metropolitan Museum+ o0 |8 S) u" [$ {8 j0 i
Autry National Center
8 g/ f5 ?& l- N0 W& M9 V3 s" ~+ }: rCalifornia African American Museum
" t7 |( m; T0 Q1 P; f! H* t0 u( E+ nSkirball Cultural Center# W( V  w8 e" b: T% [$ X4 R& A6 ~
Kidspace Museum
4 D( Z5 q& t7 `* o3 Q# WThe Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
/ U1 |5 ^0 `' g2 I5 L$ g* gJapanese American National Museum1 B  t1 m5 B7 ^$ e7 }& g. r
Ocean Institute
8 E+ ?' \/ k1 E, k1 a- v/ O0 qDiscovery Science Center/ H3 U( B  k5 I0 I1 u6 I/ F* b
Orange County Museum of Art8 ?. h0 D0 n$ Y$ n( J* @  `. p
Laguna Art Museum0 I  w/ V5 s  W8 _+ n7 {" `; B
Newport Sports Museum
0 F& s1 M# N1 K/ ~Surfing Heritage Foundation1 V/ B( N. d; q
Newport Nautical Museum6 b. Z. F( ^, y& F# J' k1 C
San Diego Natural History Museum! }" A% V( L' ^3 C$ l
California Center for the Arts, Escondido
) S  F$ ]* M% @' l8 P' bSan Diego Museum of Man
0 q) b- b" \" t. Z. _San Diego Museum of Art% S5 P+ E" T! k2 l- f* b) H" F
& G; g1 B$ E* l, A* O2 f/ ^; iStamford Museum & Nature Center
3 x( T- h% Q2 a8 d) G9 h! E% ]The Children's Museum
" a! U8 f8 s! f5 b4 y; Z8 BWadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art  H3 _, @* Z3 ~) U# `) x
Bruce Museum
% W- g; I! U" L8 t4 TMashantucket Pequot Museum7 b: {. A: u. J6 Q  {& D' K
Delaware9 v! X! C! D7 J$ M, O+ R9 r4 y' l
Delaware Museum of Natural History
5 t6 [) S4 ]) W7 AWinterthur Museum & Country Estate' L. k, T. W8 }- n8 s% ?9 ^# W
Delaware Art Museum3 m/ {# O; ]  U, C& A
Maine: B5 p9 `7 S. z
Maine Discovery Museum" C+ a) U' U+ w) ?5 m- X  l3 ]/ `
Farnsworth Art Museum and Wyeth Center
" ?# B+ v4 u: ]' t% tPortland Museum of Art* C2 O( W7 G  f" Z* K
Massachusetts0 r! S' p& R* E+ b3 P0 H
The Old State House Museum (The Boston Historical Society)
) L5 r( ?. H0 t7 g( h0 PCape Cod Museum of Art
! S7 L0 q) S3 R; i; g9 W, A, xDeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park
! M* m$ T2 M* V9 T& oMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston
' V. w, B9 D! p4 `/ LMuseum of Science, Boston% V" E$ J! b, Y. H: L7 h
Museum of African American History
1 c, n; ]( i2 b1 cNew Bedford Whaling Museum
, w! S& B0 p" _" G  TNorman Rockwell Museum3 t+ L5 P; L; A9 ~1 j
Provincetown Art Association & Museum$ s' T9 H# I6 i, b9 k; x9 Y
Springfield Museums at the Quadrangle( q1 m) I4 u& Z" C
Worcester Art Museum
' J. [7 W7 p+ C2 Z. r4 F" yAmerican Textile History Museum
5 e+ {7 L9 ], h# L. oNew Hampshire: L6 {+ B, q- V2 X8 y, C
Hood Museum of Art. J0 \' Q( z+ h2 [8 C. }
Children's Museum of Portsmouth0 y' c7 H: }3 g& C( J. g. {9 P
Seacoast Science Center
* A4 M% O7 m; @% Y' e- V0 h$ _New Jersey
, L/ O7 C1 f4 h  S- kJersey City Museum" J) R7 Y1 {: K- x) @8 B0 ~3 `
Montclair Art Museum2 T3 C' }9 x7 ]! q: N
Morris Museum& ~( P! a/ l  D
The Newark Museum
: k$ w% W* w3 ^2 T  v+ U- @* vThe Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum
4 q! n6 s, z+ j5 FNew York- R8 K/ n$ l# w1 ]
Albany Institute of History and Art
* T& e% H& C+ I) P# uThe Hyde Collection
1 o0 o0 W$ d, z. O8 Y& k% b" uNew York State Museum4 N1 x6 |1 S2 n& E( x: ?8 k1 G
Bronx Zoo
9 X! ?- e% P7 B+ ?& k) VNew York Aquarium! {5 X# G+ F5 ]2 ~3 {
Historic Hudson Valley. w5 G- I! H" z
Museum of the Moving Image  ?+ b, F/ z" N' \/ B# H
Whitney Museum of American Art
% q) O& e6 n. V3 ]Museum of Modern Art; T) @) h: k( V! I* z/ A$ k# i# a
Studio Museum in Harlem9 [5 L5 U3 x) O$ m  s# C
New York Hall of Science0 U% ^, A) }! u% T  B$ h
Brooklyn Museum of Art
8 K- B$ }/ Y7 @Museum of Television & Radio6 o) K- ]. n: }, h
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
8 [6 H- G' h' a" ^. N! u' `/ k8 bSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum. |7 O* Z- m. R* a- w  d
South Street Seaport Museum' P  Q8 q/ J6 T: S' e& K
Old Westbury Gardens  K6 @/ B7 X: K, h( x$ C9 p/ x' P
Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum
8 V5 a) w3 \. W! {% d0 t9 `Rosamond Gifford Zoo
" e, U6 p7 Y, mGeorge Eastman House
. B3 }1 ?% X7 N# c* k9 zBuffalo Zoo' K' B) _9 W- ?) g! w9 j, p
: M  y( Y4 _- g! `African American Museum in Philadelphia
+ m1 t/ O% B1 QIndependence Seaport Museum
5 h, ?( C* J5 {/ N3 I% u/ zNational Constitution Center: f! b) B! g( r' \9 f" E4 l
Philadelphia Museum of Art
. f9 h) s; F' o. ]Rhode Island% T0 e4 I2 j: z2 q6 n8 E
Providence Children's Museum
9 {: }) I) M" E; S! n. G. r/ |, sMuseum of Work and Culture; O- @. g8 _6 X
Rhode Island School of Design Museum1 ]! a% w% F: ]
International Tennis Hall of Fame) p- |" I$ _4 ]4 k- I. R# v
5 L3 h4 s9 W$ e! D) D+ iMontshire Museum of Science
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