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[其他] Bay Area NeuroCare 希望与贵站交换友情链接

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Bay Area NeuroCare申请友情链接


Bay Area NeuroCare 希望与贵站交换友情链接


诊所简介:We are dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment and treatment services for children and adults suffering sleep disorders, such as daytime sleepliness, snoring, insomnia, sleep apnoea and much more.  Our clinic is directed by Wei Wang, MD. Dr. Wang was trained as a neurologist at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, which has been ranked by US News and World Report as one of the top 15  Best Honor Roll Hospitals in the US for 10 times since 1999.  In addition to being Board Certified in Neurology, Dr. Wang is one of the first Board Certified Vascular Neurology and Sleep Medicine specialists in the Bay Area with subspecialty expertise in the treatment of stroke and sleep disorders.  He also belongs to a small group of neurologists who have received Certification of Neuroimaging (MRI/CT) from the American Society of Neuroimaging.

地址: 2101 Forest Ave. Suite 221, San Jose, CA 95128
电话: 408-216-8763

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