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[海外工作經驗談] who knows which companies can do the sponsorship

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Hi all,
: S7 u* z: ], B" u8 e* u, O& c$ c( q4 r% N
I'm in SF now and I want to get a job in the United States.
# _4 I% b; [, C# tI need the companies which can do the sponsorship for me.; V( @0 S& ?; f' \' I9 w0 g
I got MBA degree, major in international business on Dec, 2008 at University of North Alabama.
9 C+ Q) R' y4 E0 qMoreover, I had three months internship (Nov, 2009-Jan, 2010), as a marketing intern and tradeshow assistant, at the rental housing website company
- }) A2 H3 A& D  l1 `& ein SF.
: ~& A( c3 T/ QI need your guys help to offer me the information that the companies in the United States can do the sponsorship! E9 V" S1 P4 q! u! `
I really need this information, and kind of hurry!!!!!
1 h& H2 U* }9 R+ F8 X- z
/ a6 Z( g4 G; MI really appreciate your help!1 G) ?2 h- q& Q" F! R6 `/ R

8 r, J1 Y$ F5 q2 dFeng-Ru (Violet)
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