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[不分區] 〔緊急〕想在cupertino或者Palo Alto找寄宿家庭

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是这样的。我是美籍华人。一个快15岁的女孩子。在纽约出生,在中国长大。去年夏天回美读书。但爸妈依旧在中国运作企业。我现在住在San Jose的叔叔家里。在这边一个公立高中读Freshmen。但因为一些原因我下学期想要搬到Cupertino 或者Palo Alto,并继续上高中。每周周末可能叔叔会接我回他们家。

如果是palo alto当然希望上Gunn high 或者Palo alto high.如果是Cupertino,希望能上Lynbrook或者Monta Vista.







About the price,it depends on the circumstance in that time.We can talk about it later on.

Um,I'm a chinese american girl who wanna a host family(at least it's a middle class family) in either of Palo Alto or Cupertino.(Palo Alto Unified School District and Cupertino Union School District)

The duration might be about 3 years.yes,it's like the rest of my high school life.Smile

I was born in NYC in 1996. At that time, it was caused of my parents business. And then,they brought me back to China after my birth and after they finished their business trip there,wile I was very young. So I could say that I almostly grew up in China.I attended in very good private schools in China.(From kidergarden until 8th grade).I was back to the States on summer in 2010,without my parents. And now I'm living with my uncle's family in San Jose and attending in a high school for freshmen now. But there R some reasons that I need to move next semester. So I need a host family then.

Please contact me if u r willing to accept me sincerely.Smile

U can just keep going to contact me or U can read the following text which is a very simple declaration about myself. I will tell u more when u contact me.

I'm American citizen,so I can definitely attend in public high school.I hope that I can attend in either of Paly or Gunn high if the host family is in Palo Alto. And if u r in Cupertino, I wish I could attend in Monta Vista high or maybe Lynbrook High for 10th grade to 12th grade. I need a private room and if the distance to everywhere up to 15 minutes on foot, I guess I need sb to drive me there. I need meals at least every weekday(I might go back and visit my uncle's family on weekend.But I'm not sure yet. If I would vist them,they would pick me up.) My eating diet is not too complex.

So don't worry.

Don't worry. I'm not like a very naughty girl. Smile

For my daily life here, I always go to YMCA once or twice a week,and every weekend I always stay at home and also go and do my volunteer job. Sometimes I would like to see a movie with my friends. But I will definitely adjust it for ur schedule.

I have a lot of hobbies like reading,writing,playing the piano and so on.I've already published my first 2 novels in China in 2010.I'm working on a new one this year. But I also love reading english!!!My english is fine,but I'll keep going on--everything need progress everyday.^0^

I'm sure that we can have a happy life together.

Futher more information--please contact me on Email please. And my facebook is also my E-mail address. lol
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