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[Coupons] Discount price for "The Original RENAISSANCE Pleasure Faire"‏

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If you are interested to go “The Original RENAISSANCE Pleasure Faire” ( )
2 S) M; b" t! }and it’s too late to purchase the early bird price.
0 u6 V4 |/ `/ o$ @% qUniv. of the West have joined the “Premium Partners program” and got approved for group discount rate.
* I" V6 L$ H' Y5 @# s; \4 t9 a4 H! |# g
The tickets at the gate are $25 for adults and $15 for children, but with this online program, Adult tickets come up to $16 and Children’s Tickets come up to $10 for the WHOLE run of faire, which is a VERY great discount compared to the prices at the gate. There is a $1.35 online transaction fee for each ticket. It is almost a 35% off discount.
( _/ @% x* m7 C% S( ~4 Z7 ~Please note that for the online purchases, a working printer is required to be able to print out your tickets.   J$ R: g3 l& r% m* X% z9 R# O
Please log in to ... ex.html?siteID=2630, Y- F7 B4 S0 x- `, k
, P9 F$ J, N! ^/ o3 t" ?
Key in our member ID: UWEST11
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