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NPU Student Association recruiting Taiwanese students now.

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Hi  NPU Taiwanese students,; J' L' J3 f4 ~

/ \) U) N  i. XIf you read this message and you are current NPU students, then you are qualified and welcome to join NPU Student Association. I am currently the deputy President of NPU student association.
4 I; D# b6 [/ Y" J5 ^( Z' l/ c
0 Z. A2 x/ ?  K2 q3 rPlease feel free to contact me at and leave message to Jeff then I can feedback to you ASAP.
3 X; g' g8 u. S4 P& S. ?4 C: r- e) ?& L
; M9 A4 w' m: ^. l- R8 T% T1 X& g: E
BR,# F6 m' m# ~/ t3 v. Q! a7 }$ u
1 o" ~8 Y1 @' m) D8 O: n0 {
Jeff Lo

NPU SA members at Spring 2011 Welcome Party.

NPU SA members at Spring 2011 Welcome Party.
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