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[皆可] Job offering@south bay/Marketing sales

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    公司名稱: PM-AM FOREVER, Corp.

  • 職稱: Marketing sales representative
  • 工作性質: 兼職 (Part time) 
  • 工作地點: San jose
  • 專業: Marketing
  • 是否應屆: 應屆
  • 年齡要求: 21+
  • 性別要求: 男 女 
  • 薪資: 面議
  • 提供H-1或綠卡: 不提供H-1 不提供綠卡 
  • 聯絡方式:
Job Hunting

1.        Looking for: Part time marketing sales representative with computer/internet related experience and/or knowledge.

2.        Able to: Speak both Chinese and English fluently.

3.        Pay check: $15/hr 4 hrs/day

4.        Schedule(adjustable after interview): please pick one that best suits you.
        A. 3 days Monday Wednesday Friday 1pm-5pm.
        B. 2 days Tuesday Thursday 1pm-5pm.
        C. 5 days Monday – Friday 1pm-5pm.

5.        Job: We provide clients internet service, internet security, and web page design.

6.        Employee type: 1099(self-employee).

7.        Requirement: Valid CA Driver license.

8.        Contact: Please send your resume to

9.        Interview: will be held at Bay Club 10101 North Wolfe road Cupertino CA 95014.

10.        Interview Date and Time: 12/20/2012 1pm-5pm

11.        Our website:  and
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