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[求才「理工」] Gigadevice image sensor

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    公司名稱: Gigadevice

  • 職稱: image sensor design team
  • 工作性質: 全職 (Full time) 
  • 工作地點: bay area
  • 專業: analog/digital sensor/pixel design
  • 是否應屆: 非應屆
  • 年齡要求: 25-65
  • 性別要求: 男 女 
  • 薪資: 面議
  • 提供H-1或綠卡: 提供H-1 提供綠卡 
  • 聯絡方式:
Pixel team:
1. Lead(Manger) Pixel Design
    - 10+ years of RS and/or GS pixel design experience
    - Proven silicon with prominent fab process(TSMC preferred)
2. Principle Pixel Design
    - 10 years of RS and/or GS pixel design experience
    - Familiar with TCAD simulation and array layout
3. Senior Characterization Engineer
   - 5+ years of RS and/or GS test chip bring-up experience
   - Familiar with pixel response vs. integration time and gain change

Analog Team:
1. Lead(Manager) Analog Design
    - ADC expert, analog overall architecture and noise vs. speed tradeoff
    - 20+ years sensor design experience
2. Principle Analog Design  
    - Familiar with Single Slop ADC, SAR ADC, row driver, column readout circuit
    - 15+ years design experience
3. Staff Analog Design  
    - Expert of HSpice simulation, experience with analog core and full chip simulation
    - 10+ years design experience

Digital team:
1. Lead(Manager) Digital Design
    - Expert of SoC design, organize IPs to a re-useable platform
    - 20+ years design experience
2. Principle Digital Design
    - familiar with pixel noise correction, image process pipeline operation
    - 10+ years design experience
3. Lead Verification
    - expert of design verification, script development for automation, MIPI Verification IP, Clock Domain Crossing
    - 20+ years for chip verification experience

Sensor Integration
Principle Physical Design
    - Expert of pad frame generation, ESD, IR drop measurement, place-and-route
    - 15+ years layout experience
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