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share US visa 101 on YouTube

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After assisting Africa chefs for US Visa, also some Africa PD planned to study in US.  From B1/B2 to F1 that I had helping others in the past.  I planned to use my YouTube channel to share about those visa 101. I am not in legal profession so I could not provide any legal advice that you may want to find a licensed lawyer to answer that.  However, my career background involved in US Federal government for over 30 years so I could assist with your documentations.   Since it has been a long while before I personally work on F1 so I would need to go back and gather information.  Mostly research for schools or find finance resources, pending on the countries as some may not be able to work when they are F1.  Green card however with marriage might be the 2nd options.  I have known some American are looking for relationships oversea.   Local Chinese or Asia restaurant especially for big cities that you may be able to find some work lineup for you.    There are also A-Z visa I am trying to explore.   If you like to share your F1 or B1/B2 visa experiences on my YouTube, please reach out to me.   I live in Charlotte so if you are closer, please feel free to say hi.   Since 1992 I started my study aboard journey, so I hope I could give back to the community from my knowledge and wisdom if any.   It has been a long time that I have not coming back here and I am glad that this site is still very active just like my first NCTU.BBS if people as old as I am that may know.   Not sure how much I have left so as long as I am here.  Please feel free to reach me and connect.  My goal is to return back to Taiwan next year if possible working in 2nd chance act community for prison reform system.  Bring back what I learned from US system for 27 years.

Recently I start helping chefs from oversea to apply their B1 and B2 and I also have helped others to get their F1 here.  My education background is criminal justice and I also work as government marketing consultant especially with DOD.  I really think that for people are planning to study aboard need to plan ahead.  3-2-1 as life may not always follow your plan.  As I was planning after my study for 7 years, I will return Taiwan.  It did not happen as I then married and have a family here and now my son graduated from college and works in IT firm.    Even though my husband passed away in 2019 and he left me with our company and our son.    Many of my friends especially from my schoolmate, she has kept her H1, but the end her status is not from H1 but instead she married an American.   You do not know what life will take you but you can plan all you want.  If any of you comes to US studying law, please consider to join Pro Bono.  Right now, I am helping a local non-profit to assist their visa documentation.  There are 11 millions illegally immigrants that you may be able to help with.  Right now USCIS backlog visa still gets so hard.  Especially now IT has been layoff due to use outsourcing oversea instead to hire full time employees inside the US.  You may heard that Microsoft layoff lots of people early this year and most IT firms are now hiring freezing.  Plan ahead and make friends and connecting with professional network.  It all takes time.   Plant the seeds and wait for them sprouts.   Good luck with your H1B journey.
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