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[TSA] [UCSF-TSSA] 2nd Movie Night on April06 (

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Hello everyone:

We'll have 2 movie night in March and April (March 09) and (April 06).

the first movie on March 09 called "Something the Lord Made". it is a nice Hollewood movie talking about a story regard to the cardiosurgery in John Hopkins.

the second movie on April 06 is actually a documentary made by 公共電視. the documentary will explore to the current medical development and needs in Aferica. We are gracely have the movie producer Tony Chen in UCSF as a student in medical sociology.

BTW, we will host for the Bay area TSA gathering on Arpil 06 arranged by David Chen. It'll be great to meet all of the TSA leaders. Welcome to join our free movie and food on both of these event.


Sidney Hsieh

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flyer and detail

Location: 513 Parnassus: Health Science West Building, Room 300.

March 09, Friday, 6:30PM-9:30PM

April 06, Friday, 6:45PM-9:00PM
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Please reply here as your school and possition if you want to come for the TSA gathering.


President: Sidney Hsieh
VP Internal: Julia Lee
VP External: Joy Cheong
Activity: Eric Lin
Public Relation: Bill Hsieh
Advisor: Jush Chen
Treasurer: Wildfred Wu
Publication: Tony Chen
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昨晚透過MSN會議, 北加州14所大學院校同學會決議於 4/6 在舊金山聚會.


未參與MSN會議的幹部請 與我聯繫 MSN:

或是和 UCSF會長 Sidney 聯繫,以確認出席人數
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