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[Job Fair] 【公告】HiRecruit Job Fair Announcement

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2005 Taiwan Overseas High-Tech Talent Recruiting Mission Job Fair

9/25, Sunday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Santa Clara Marriott Hotel
2700 Mission College Blvd. Santa Clara, Ca.95054

Program:  Around 50 companies from Taiwan will set up job fair booths to interview candidates who are interested in working for their Taiwan and US positions.  Company information as well as information about relocating to Taiwan will be presented in a workshop format at the job fair through the day. The law and regulation related to working in Taiwan will be presented at 10:00 to 11:00 AM.

Submit your resume and set up your personal interview on-line:

Co-Organizers:  CASPA, CBA, CIE, CINA, III, ITRI, Mont Jade, NATEA, TAITA, Taiwan Trade Center, TECO-Science and Technology Division, USTSU

Co-Sponsors:  BTSA, ITASA, JAACUC, TCAA-NC, SCUTSA plus many Taiwanese student associations from Bay area colleges, and Taiwanes college alumni associations in North California.

Silicon Valley Cordinator: NATEA

Lead by Minister Ferng-Ching Lin(林逢慶政務委員), around 50 major Taiwanese companies are sending their executives to interview talents in semiconductor, electronics, optical, biotech and many other technology fields.  

Each candidate is recommended to pre-register at the HiRecruit web site listed above.  You will find a listing of companies in the job fair.  The interview with individual company can be made prior to the job fair date via. the web site matching.

Bring your resume and business card to the job fair. The participants are expected to receive information package which include the recruiting companies’ information, positions open and information about working in Taiwan.  A very special present will be given to each participant while last.
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This one is Host by 北美工程師協會

Event Name:  
Round Table Panel Discussion “ From Silicon Valley to Taiwan”

9/7, Wed.         
6:00 pm Pizza and networking
7:00 to 9:00 pm Panel Discussion

Milpitas Library,  40 N. Milpitas Boulevard, Milpitas, CA , (408) 262-1171

Sheau Chen, CEO, Wavesplitters, President of NATEA-world wide headquarters
Debra Kuo, Managing Director, CJ International  
David Weng, Chairman, Essence Technology, President of SV-TAITA
Eric Wu, Engineering Manager, Axtronics
As a precursor of the Hirecruit Job Fair (coming up on September 25 at Santa Clara Marriott Hotel), NATEA is proud to sponsor a round table panel discussion, focusing on the issues  associated with Silicon Valley professionals who are considering developing his/her next careers in Taiwan.
We have invited a Sheau Chen, a CEO who took part of R&D operations from Silicon Valley to Taiwan and have seen both side of working environments.  David Weng, an angel investor who has worked with start-up’s in Silicon Valley and Taiwan.  Debra Kuo, a recruiter who specialize positions in Taiwan and Greater China area.  And Eric Wu, a second generation Taiwanese American and a Berkeley graduate, who has worked in Hsinchu Science Park in the last few years as a first job.
The panel will focus on the difference in the economy in Silicon Valley and Taiwan, the working environment, the career rewarding systems, the culture shock and the key to be successful when one decides to move from Silicon Valley to Taiwan and to develop a professional career.
More information and the job fair info can be found at and
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哇  Hua你有去參加喔??:confused:
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Hua 是去吃便當的:naughty:
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