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大家看看唷,過來美國第一件是就是一定要去考駕照8 w9 [( B! H4 F4 c, F* N
( _; D! M  M3 o# _. ^' b. T
第一關: 筆試: C# S# _' F/ E8 ^3 A; @: {+ D2 L6 R% G- m# @! f [9 {; S% Y: W. J3 V
# M) c- L- T# m) m+ |+ c5 ^. b* X/ ^9 B2 U! U. l' }

, d% X# V& Y0 L% a
& q" u/ y& s& Q- ^9 G考場示意圖 (別懷疑,站著寫)
, c# U5 O  z! H5 }; d/ b( x4 _ dmv_ca.jpg
+ l9 G8 l' m& E3 D& M* Q7 z, z$ E9 |; K8 c( B9 Z9 d

: ?3 S  v9 E% g9 R第二關: 路考
1 ]3 }+ x) G" n: X$ b0 E  `2 S6 T9 j, v& a8 r3 Y
路邊停車 (parallel parking)
+ c2 d7 U# l0 f5 v5 E0 ~4 Q parallelparking.jpg
7 \! V" F( q9 Y2 L' J* O) A. C
1 J5 Y3 X( s. A, I/ \9 ^' m% e
" c9 X: a7 ]  ^/ K三點式迴轉 (3 point turn)
$ D3 G4 i% C& H$ }3 ^ 3pointurn.jpg
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英文版看不懂呢!!8 r: K- X" w/ L) A1 r( b9 Z( t8 U. |
我是剛來這讀語文的+ Z* k# {6 m% i. O& b# M( ~3 q
# _( |$ {* U* _那個台版試題是完全都有嗎??
* v9 x, G* g' h& A$ F還有什麼要注意的嗎
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, r  l( m/ Z7 v! f. U結果出的題目都差不多 就過了
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如果只是筆試要過 那去找中文考古題背一背
( k3 P& X7 n4 \) L4 D/ Q很簡單就會過了
1 f$ z' x% D( ~2 a( g" U+ o9 v" e) ~- T" x
可是隨之而來的路考 就需要好好K過駕照手冊才行0 |) m3 F4 i! U( f# I9 m+ b2 U9 ?
不然基本規則都不懂 不僅很難考過路考
  d2 f' z, }% C9 Y  Q8 ^* f上路時更是危險的
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+ M. B9 r/ g* v. H- D供參考 是試卷04
4 |3 A8 f. U* ^3 QCalifornia Driver’s Examination 04
9 ?/ {# k$ D. C% }
* A, h% I: G- L: i* R1.You must notify DMV within 5 days if you:& _4 z* }- e( v1 P$ l
A.Are cited for a traffic violation
  J, k4 T9 h0 r3 D, p3 rB.Sell or transfer your vehicle
3 U9 q2 b  E9 l, L  BC.Paint your vehicle a different color
  {1 D# G4 l9 U% l: J2.It is illegal for a person 21 years of age or older to drive with a blood alcohol concentration that is ____ or higher4 c& N) P# n7 P
A.0.01%2 ^) t  I* N- ?! L; C" s
B.0.08%$ \: f6 k8 t/ d' y
C.0.05%/ h' k4 Q  N* {: c1 O% i
3.You should dim your lights for oncoming vehicles or when you are within 300 feet of a vehicle6 q- |5 S+ m7 {/ D& ?: S! p are approaching from behind& }# G# b2 K9 g, m+ d, [8 I, `
B.Approaching you from behind
0 V  c3 \/ H* lC.You have already passed1 g5 Q# T0 r* R5 y$ G! P8 V6 L* d
4.Before getting out of your parked car on the traffic side of the street, you should
$ \$ N. V4 w/ X+ A4 O' S0 LA.Give a arm signal that you are exiting your vehicle
6 m$ }9 S) H7 n& c3 S" @B.Turn on your left turn signal
! B% J: p- j9 x. y/ YC.Check traffic approaching from behind$ x; X# \! @" |5 t
5.To make a right turn onto a two-way street from a two-way street, start in the right-hand lane and end in:
* {4 \$ u6 o9 c# X# v4 zA.The left lane# o0 e$ X( \- V& U1 I
B.The lane closest to the curb2 H5 F# \3 P; y0 k
C.Any lane that is available& ^6 Y5 v5 L  z1 j
6.You want to make a right turn at the corner. A pedestrian with a guide dog is at the corner ready to cross the street in front of you. Before making your turn, you should:
/ |( v- c. v4 o) zA.Turn off your engine until the person crosses the street, _9 Z1 a' X  d2 H& \
B.Tell the pedestrian when to cross the street. g6 \7 X8 w: T
C.Wait until the person crosses the street! ^& r9 }2 J: ^0 D
7.You are at a red traffic signal. The traffic light turns green, but there are still other vehicles in the intersection. You should:
$ J- f" T. @. F3 _: q# B2 v6 \A.Wait until the vehicles clear the intersection before entering$ ~- v/ [6 u1 F6 v! T: F% C
B.Move ahead only if you can go around the other vehicles safely
" L. N1 e5 Z2 JC.Enter the intersection and wait for traffic to clear3 d( F( h$ ~; V; B: |( K0 K
8.When you back up in a passenger vehicle:, l- r  Y6 ?, x7 L7 G4 [/ @5 L
A.Rely on your rearview mirror
8 H' W* f: q) gB.Look over your right shoulder through your rear window' o$ i( E" D2 A+ i
C.Only use your side and rearview mirrors
5 P! ]5 ~, d% E2 x$ F9.A law enforcement officer notices that one of your passengers is not wearing a seat belt and writes a citation. Which of the following is true?
' a) D% L3 R5 HA.Both you and your passenger will receive a citation
: d" U) s$ Q0 @2 H) L/ WB.Your passenger will receive a citation regardless of his or her age
$ m/ g. F+ @! ^' \/ e0 C/ j/ ]C.You may receive the citation if the passenger is 15 or younger
$ ~, D! E6 F+ \% A: c0 n10.The “tree-second rule” applies to the space ____ of your vehicle# A/ i1 r* J- L( d' x2 u$ n3 s" w
A.In back
8 Q! _- ]7 u0 A$ c5 YB.Ahead1 _  V! u6 W( V+ J5 r& _
C.To the sides/ q- q$ r. D5 p! N
11.“Wrong Way” sign means:
3 x( C8 x; P+ L9 [: L6 M% s* s! jA.The road ahead is closed to traffic in your direction
3 W  |# o3 A2 Q' h* I' \B.Do not enter the road ahead unless it is safe to do so
, G: ]* }% `( fC.The road ahead is closed to traffic in all direction& m8 U' Z9 N& F8 T4 Q9 u8 _4 `
12.When driving in traffic at night on a dimly lit street, you should:9 r; q" t/ O& s- y+ p
A.Drive slowly enough so you can stop within the area lighted by your headlight. y' a4 C: o" l. ?5 m
B.Turn on your high beam headlight to better see the vehicles directly ahead of you1 Z  ]  Q' o9 \+ f
C.Keep instrument lights bright to be more visible to other drivers2 [! n- r- c4 }2 M' F( `
13.You should always turn on your emergency flashers when: 9 W' @# L6 Y$ m" d stop near a curb painted red2 ^0 H) t' m) T3 N( l' c, U! C are driving in heavy fog6 f/ k) n9 r  l3 u$ E
C.Your car has broken down on the roadway
6 d/ f5 `3 \3 i6 M14.You may legally drive in any freeway carpool lane if:- \7 t% x# `- s5 d& ]& e
A.All the other lanes are stopped with heavy traffic" B$ h7 H2 L/ e. f0 v8 F) x# `1 W
B.You carry the minimum number of persons shown on the sign
) f- R) I" N9 ?6 o5 B3 ?C.It is between the hours of 7PM and & 7AM  [2 o- s; F* p, I+ v6 ~( t$ V& F
15.“YIELD” sign means:& I/ h  Q# N- k
A.Other drivers must yield to you
2 N1 P" ^- L3 s! h* HB.Give the right-of–way to other drivers* h, P' h6 M" O- \; s, a" F
C.Make a complete stop before asserting your right-of-way$ B2 g  B( v. {' w' o/ K3 L
16.Always look carefully for motorcycles before changing lanes because:/ P1 {8 E7 F4 i7 ^
A.Their smaller size makes them harder to see
& I1 ?# A( ?7 W* f; B6 k! D+ X# {B.They usually have the right-of-way at intersection
9 C! q$ d, r. [. [0 X* GC.It is illegal for motorcycles to share traffic lanes
" y! |5 l4 c% H# l% n% a* v% J17.When you enter traffic from a stop (ex: pulling away from the curb), you:
" R( ?7 f7 g! [; w+ IA.Should drive slower than other traffic for 200 feets
5 u  o6 r1 ]( W6 D0 XB.Need a large enough gap to get up to the speed of traffic* C7 m3 `' X+ {! m& J0 U
C.Should wait for the first vehicle to pass, then pull into the lane" o7 \5 e; X, O
18.When roads are slippery, you should:
5 }" s) g9 i) b, @/ p3 j4 ZA.Avoid making fast turns and fast stops
8 C0 u) n. {( ^1 D4 d1 i8 x& oB.Pump your brakes to test the traction of your tires& b5 H$ b, M* @
C.Decrease the distance that you look ahead of your vehicle$ L4 H/ I, C- g& I, O
19.If the roadway is wet and your car starts to skid, you should:
8 X! s3 S: n/ q3 K- |A.Slowly ease your foot off the gas pedal
+ c) }1 D3 Y7 C1 Z; \' RB.Slow down by shifting to a lower gear
8 A; m% |( ?7 [7 H4 DC.Slow down by pumping the breaks quickly and firmly; U: P1 a* R0 M6 d; C( {( ^" r
20.If there is a signal set of solid yellow lines in the center of the roadway, you:3 o% {- R* C* c" T0 l" v
A.May cross the lines to turn left into a private driveway 8 A6 U$ Y+ Q# e/ o5 r' A- }
B.Are on a two-lane one-way street6 F/ h+ e- F  m: C- J- d* B
C.Should treat the lines as a solid wall and not cross for any reason
1 e: Y% S, J% |% c3 U& h: W0 G21.Generally speaking, you are in a large truck’s blind spot if you:
3 x' {/ m% `6 H& i, UA.Drive close to the large truck’s left side mirror
+ F: O0 Z  _6 t8 E" ~B.Can’t see the truck driver in the truck’s side mirrors/ s+ k- p* ?7 ?7 T$ n: r
C.Follow no closer than ten feet behind the large truck0 p2 s: b( K0 z- j' {. H8 {
22.At night, of an oncoming vehicle fails to dim its high beams, look:
# q4 v$ d% L' C3 @3 NA.Toward the center of the roadway
& ~. a& F5 u0 U/ I& CB.Toward the right edge of your lane! L2 j- I4 q  M5 K  M$ R
C.Straight ahead in your lane$ W% I9 ]: e) a# `: ~
23. You have consented to take a test for the alcohol content of your blood or urine:
7 J+ I, [* p3 \% Q7 TA. Only if you have been drinking alcohol8 K& ?; T2 }; p" U# P# Z: d
B. Whenever you drive in California
' }" c8 X2 V. TC. Only of an accident has occurred
3 D) x2 \$ K6 h" d; V6 n24. Which way should your front wheel be turned when parked uphill next to a curb?
4 T0 @+ ]! W! V0 n" X# F   A. Parallel to the curb3 ^1 j+ t  l0 t/ ?! }) W- y* V, K
   B. Away from the curb
5 |. U4 B( J) {: c# l# l   C. Toward the curb
" g7 y. d; b$ ?25. You are going to make a left turn from a dedicated left turn lane when a yellow arrow appears for your lane, you should9 v/ h2 Z. L( C' H
   A. Speed up to get through the intersection
+ r( O- O1 Q9 f4 X+ Z: F+ f/ F   B. Stop and not turn under any circunstances
8 k9 h8 i& [* l' C1 H   C. Be prepared to obey the next signal that appears% C; n. t9 s. E& n
26 On a green arrow, you must:4 m1 I! m) N* |* T3 `
   A. Yeild to any vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian in the intersection$ L1 n6 ^" m- \. j+ L
   B. Yeild only to pedestrians in the intersection
3 e% M, y, ], _: I5 ^   C. Wait five seconds before proceeding* L; l6 F2 J0 s
27. When passing another vehicle, it is safe to return to your lane if you:5 _2 y$ u6 c! m' e& w; J
   A. Cannot see the vehicle directly to your right3 [4 O  F4 b0 s! Y
   B. See the vehicle’s headlights in your rearview mirror
! T: A+ S2 m& T, `7 |$ j. M   C. Have passed the other vehicle’s front bumper
4 x2 ?" k  y/ S2 ?  i; @28. Parking is NEVER permitted:
& h* g5 n( ~1 [- k   A. In a crosshatched pattern space7 Q! o! D3 a* v$ V0 a$ j! U
   B. Twenty feet from a railroad track: L1 I9 U5 W! H
   C. In a bicycle lane, unless otherwise posted
$ I& ?* q* T9 W: G29. If you see orange construction signs or cones on a freeway, youmust:
0 l, z* C- B8 g0 u" Y5 E- r   A. Slow down because the lane ends ahead3 [) o0 |  o! x3 y. n: k
   B. Be prepared for workers and equipments ahead
, l1 u% t- f8 a% n   C. Change lanes and maintain your current speed
& m4 R3 x1 v6 L2 b' t6 \6 N30. Following closely behind another vehicle (tailgating):
! O0 q$ j- A' i   A. Increase fuel efficiency
% l/ \$ ~& U% u   B. Is a common cause of rear-end accicdents3 j; V  ^3 w, B5 T( K& a1 \
   C. Helps keep traffic moving
3 f$ H1 l7 M8 y& i( O; w31. Before driving into an intersection from a stop, you should look:
. G1 P* A. V' W9 g) i; B   A. Left and right only7 Z! ]% Z1 b: M3 l& z1 U% E5 W; E% }
   B. Straight ahead and to the left
! t3 i4 u- m! o* t/ l   C. Left, right and then left again. d6 v7 r5 ~# J, D# ]
32. You must yield the right-of-way to an emergency vehicle by:# L5 y6 L2 o; E( R
   A. Driving as near to the right edge of the road as possible and stopping; z% Y5 [* |  C2 n) G
   B. Moving into the right lane and driving slowly until it has passed
! t8 Z! d% S$ g+ L   C. Stopping immediately, even if you are in an intersection
: i- Y8 L3 d7 z& [+ c$ S33. When traffic is slow and heavy and you must cross railroad tracks before reaching the upcoming intersection, you should:9 X/ w# c" b; g( B% z  T4 K
  A. Stop between the crossing gates in case they close: U1 [" L4 }6 q: }
  B. Stop on the tracks and wait for your light to turn green
. H; o' o, `* j2 d  R' W+ b  C. Wait until you can completely cross the tracks before proceeding% T6 R' n5 c+ M) d" R0 @+ J# U
34. If you have an accident, the law requires you to exchange your driver license information with:
/ Q" J2 ~) U7 h: f   A. Witnesses
8 h3 X; z" A5 W   B. Others involved in the accident7 z) |' O4 ~9 W' a8 z4 n
   C. Security guards
6 C- R( W6 L  g4 U35. If a pedestrian is in a crosswalk in the middle of the block:
1 h. Y& e/ w. g! y5 D   A. The pedestrian has the right-of-way
: f  L$ ?- q2 U+ j1 a) Q8 f" |; `   B. The pedestrian must yield the right-of-way& ~; h  l5 F; u0 ]; D, A; E9 G
   C. Vehicles have the right-of-way, but drivers must legally take care for the pedestrian’s safety& p9 ]( I! B& c) B$ k( J8 N
36. U-Turns in residential districts are legal:
4 L) n# @" P! g6 G* [* {& v   A. On a one-way street at a green arrow
  b; ~3 \/ X* s$ ?9 F$ z" u5 \" V   B. When there are no vehicles approaching nearby/ f3 Z; l8 g7 S( V% s9 l
   C. Across two sets of solid double, yellow lines
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這位同學您是用手打的嗎?真是太感動啦~5 E3 ~& j' [6 D  c- |- d
可是...........答案...........了解, 自己找........
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大家好,資將加州駕照考試中文版的pdf位置給需要的人1 i0 T/ H" s) r- T+ |6 R/ x
3 c$ H0 R+ l) g3 p& f" W2 W+ F" |. v0 i$ \
& L4 Q/ E/ {( n1 r% V, o
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$ W: |  I& m* g- D4 @感謝Ivy的提供


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麻州免費英文駕照試題Free Online Driving Tests Practice Site

Free Online Driving Tests Practice Site ! I" s, j  u+ j$ e
# u8 w. e5 F; h0 P/ F" K' ~/ v& \/ m8 `
- Y4 w' R( o1 \$ ^; i; R
$ G8 s, D; b7 y! W9 i* |, a1 q2 Y8 o: I3 _! s1 L- V

! G' M' k; m7 o7 ]. p; c: N: J- M1 S& w2 a p0 A2 b3 [; @' Z- C

. x9 U! _7 d8 K) ~) u q5 x9 \1 \9 ~  ^" R( o: v

) L" J- i  l0 i U& H  h" b- M" u. u- K
6 B% b% V1 {9 a  l& i& h  r l/ g* ?# Y/ s0 p5 F' L

3 H/ _9 s5 ]/ U. B  ^: {; _: m- n5 ]5 B0 i8 d2 R2 F5 ~( V" d
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