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獨立單位一房一廳一衞,靠近San Jose downtown and SJSU獨立單位一房一廳一衞,靠近San Jose downtown and SJSU
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Erica_Ch 發表於 2006-8-6 07:40:45 | 顯示全部樓層 |閱讀模式
檢視: 9033|回覆: 2
6 T5 E, w& D) T8 P7 @2 D' [) q想問他是用哪一本教科書的,我想在台灣找一本中文版的參考書,5 C: C7 z: U; m8 h) `' x
; }3 K! G  \% {' Q: K; c" q; o: x2 @4 S3 Z+ x- Q: t! ~
另外,請問各位學長姐:Engineering Statistics 難不難啊,; o+ [- P/ R; y/ _; F
還是上Applied Graph Theory 好呢?- R: T, ^& f6 v5 W8 C; A. ]

/ Z, w' Y) D0 _6 _
Erica_Ch 發表於 2006-8-6 07:48:37 | 顯示全部樓層
3 t% Z9 j) X5 [. A0 S* k# ^
- P, Q, p# u& @* q/ P- H4 E
原帖由 Erica_Chien 於 2006-8-6 07:40 AM 發表
* k% [3 N3 k% B% G; Z- o各位先進好..如題..+ s: q& V( ^# ?$ D* S. q
想問他是用哪一本教科書的,我想在台灣找一本中文版的參考書,6 T5 r# L: Y+ n! g8 J
以期順利過關..% D! u2 m0 M9 @$ M* N! [, _
5 R7 D7 m, \. Q, w: n! x' O
另外,請問各位學長姐:Engineering Statistics 難不難啊,
& X4 ~4 X  h' X1 `/ h, V6 e- u2 B+ d還是上Applied Graph Theory 好呢?
" M+ d! u' h3 E. b5 k/ J9 Q6 L' K+ c0 A+ C& z
zidkenu 發表於 2006-8-6 21:50:37 | 顯示全部樓層
Hi, the book is6 g9 X) \6 X3 q
Engineering Electromagnetics with CD, by William H. Hayt, John A. Buck, 7 edition (January 20, 2005), ISBN: 00731046394 M: P/ W. `# B0 R  d
No, I suggest you read English book, because in the exam/test, you will face English questions.
) T! j: O7 m# CNickel's EM class is VERY HARD!!! I suggest you take it not in your first quarter, because you won't have enough time to study, no time to study such a hard class.
. [& X% l5 U, V3 A9 B. z: r
3 C8 t. s: d8 a0 ^# R5 a" @Engineering Statistics??? Applied Graph Theory ???
3 `8 K5 L, {% W( `" l, x$ _I don't know these classes, never heard any people took those before, : U- d  k; G, s( e) ^2 \4 K( Y
so you will not be able to get previous notes/test questions.5 O9 b( u: K! [  D: M1 v

1 X2 e& O' Z( c' |* kWhy don't you choose these two, most students take these two as part of the 4 Math required classes: Applied Mathematics II (2 units) taught by Metwally
5 s3 K2 }- F, b  U- tDr. Metwally is nice,  it is a ok class and the math will be advanced engineering math ...
" t0 d, v; f& h6 c) R* a) ?Linear Algebra I (2 units) taught by Garrison
7 I8 |6 q+ o3 k7 i: h  ~( aDr. Garrison is a tough, his exam is always hard, the class is all about matrix manipulations.
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