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[求才「商」] Intern Customer Service engineer want (E

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Customer Service engineer essential duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following

·  Understand  test floor procedures and efficiencies as related to the Subcon IC Test Services.
·  Understand the basic principles and workflows of package testingand wafer probing.
·  Act  as  a  program  manager  to  be a single contact window and

perform the following:
1.      Coordination of periodic customer meetings
2.      Prioritize customer production testing and product shipments
3.      Expedite testing of customer production/engineering materials

·   Perform  deal  management,  including  quotation  generation, AR handling,  confirmation of purchase orders, customer
     contract negotiation,  credit verification, and forecast/capacity coordination.

·   Collect  forecast  data  of  customer production and engineering usage  for all test platforms and prioritize and arrange system
     scheduling  activities  for ensuring optimal equipment efficiencies and complying with  customer requirements and demand.

·   Maintain  customer  service  and  sales/marketing procedures and documents.

·   Handle  customer  complaints by acting as a bridge communication representative  between  internal  operations  and  
     customer  to make sure  customer problems, issues, inquiries and complaints well taken care of.

·   Business   generation  and  account  relationship  maintenance, including  periodic  customer  visits, road shows, seminars and
     hosting of  customer meetings and conferences.
·   Create  and  maintain  customer  database,  including  custome profiles,  contact  information, roadmaps, production forecast
     and project  information.
·   Provide administrative support to Marketing and Sales team during sales seminars, customer visits and presentations.

Please email to        (Sunnyvale, CA)
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