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[已解決] 有關駕照改名字的問題

ginnie319 發表於 2010-1-4 22:40:03 | 顯示全部樓層 |閱讀模式
檢視: 9266|回覆: 8
我已經有美國加州的汽車駕照, 可是, 我後來有改我的中文名字,
如果我去DMV換照, 我要準備什麼東西呢??
I have my California Drive License; however, I have changed my Chinese name.
Therefore, there is my name English name on my new passport.
If I go to DMV to change my license, what kind of paper should I prepare for it??
PhoenixJack 發表於 2010-1-5 13:11:35 | 顯示全部樓層
記得要先去社安局 把你新的名子給他
加州DMV 才有辦法跟社安局確認給你換駕照名子(最好事先預約)
可是vehicle registration information 還有另外手續要作

How to change your name on your driver license and/or identification (ID) card
To apply for a name change you will need to:

Visit a DMV office (make an Appointment(s) for faster service)
Complete a Driver License or Identification Card Application form DL 44 or DL 44C. (An original DL 44 or 44C form must be submitted. Copies will not be accepted.)
Give a thumb print
Have your picture taken
Pay the driver license or identification card application fee.
Acceptable evidence of your new name may be provided by showing an original or certified copy of a Birth Date and Legal presence document or a true full name document.

Please contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) to change your name on SSA records before you make an appointment with DMV to have your name changed on DMV records. DMV electronically verifies your name, birth date and social security number with the SSA.
If your information does not verify, you will not receive your new California driver license or identification card. You will receive a Request for Verification of Information letter from DMV informing you that the information you provided (name, birth date, and/or SSN) does not match SSA’s records.

You will be issued an interim license valid for 60 days and/or a receipt for your ID card until you receive your new photo license and/or photo ID card in the mail. Check your address before you leave DMV and tell the DMV representative if your address is incorrect. Your new license and/or ID card will be mailed to you within 60 days. If you do not receive your license and/or ID card after 60 days, call 1 (800) 777-0133 to check on the status. Have your interim license and/or ID card receipt with you to provide information when requested.

Note: A name change on your driver license or identification card will not change your vehicle registration information. Follow this link to find out how to change or correct the name on your vehicle/vessel’s DMV record.
執壺賣笑 發表於 2010-1-5 15:52:17 | 顯示全部樓層
但我社安卡還是英文名 (到目前還是)
 樓主| ginnie319 發表於 2010-1-6 06:59:35 | 顯示全部樓層
社安局?? 是哪裡?? 我沒有social security number啊...
 樓主| ginnie319 發表於 2010-1-6 07:06:20 | 顯示全部樓層

回台灣半年後, 舊學校的簽證已過期,
我這次是以新的名字, 以及新的護照, 申請的I-20跟新的簽證
現在的留學生不是都沒有social security number嗎??

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kenwangoc19 發表於 2010-1-6 17:56:12 | 顯示全部樓層
show your passport
PhoenixJack 發表於 2010-1-12 11:33:02 | 顯示全部樓層
現在因為反恐 反非法移民
PhoenixJack 發表於 2010-1-12 11:46:43 | 顯示全部樓層
原帖由 執壺賣笑 於 2010-1-5 03:52 PM 發表
但我社安卡還是英文名 (到目前還是)

唉 想當年 連護照都不看 憑社安卡 駕照期限就發到六十歲
我也是 中英文名混著用 懶得一一改名 大部分只要SSN, Last Name 跟 Birth date 對到 就可以了
所以美國身分盜用 蠻容易的~~~~
 樓主| ginnie319 發表於 2010-1-13 20:59:46 | 顯示全部樓層
    I got it... Thank you guys...
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