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[Deals] Fisher-Price Smart Fit Park for $29.54

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8 k/ T  t% O' Q  ?; c
& B7 i/ l! H- b8 R8 offers the Fisher-Price Smart Fit Park for $29.54 with free shipping
5 g) Z8 E* w0 f6 _+ h7 ?Allows kids to learn and exercise through multiple levels of learning games and timed challenges with this TV-interactive system & m, \2 B6 A' h* Z& M
Teaches: Letter identification, Numbers & Counting, Addition & Subtraction, Spelling, Shapes, and lots more
! d/ h8 p, ]* Q/ B5 S& y3 Q3 NKids can hop, skip, jump, walk and run on the activity pad4 s7 x4 W7 T. y% K5 Q5 }' a+ r4 s
) x% n* @: P3 {/ H0 E4 D

4 _+ r$ x/ m3 u( k& Z# cand also has the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Extreme $76 shipped
( l9 v, Q+ I4 w, y
; S0 G4 R' L8 ]9 G3 @: n6 D* E0 T! H! sSmart Cycle Extreme has a rumble feature in the handle bar. It's a stationary bike, a learning center, and an arcade game system-all rolled into one. Smart Cycle plugs right into your TV, ready to take kids on learning adventures like no other.
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