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[皆可] moonwaiting @ TORONTO Hiring

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    公司名稱: moonwaiting

  • 職稱: service
  • 工作性質: 全職 (Full time) 
  • 工作地點: Toronto / london ON
  • 專業: service
  • 是否應屆: 非應屆
  • 年齡要求: 18-28
  • 性別要求: 女 
  • 薪資: 面議
  • 提供H-1或綠卡: 不提供H-1 不提供綠卡 
  • 聯絡方式:
If you're interested in traveling & make big money at the same time

Moonwaiting at Toronto is your best choice~

We're an mature asian agency in Toronto running for years.

We offer you the best environment in Toronto and a considerable salary

We'll take care of everything including food traffic living or anything you need during working in Toronto

We do respect you as you deserved.

You can google moonwaiting for an general idea about our agency.

If you have any question or concern, plz contact serena2ab at

Looking forward to meet you at Toronto

Representing Moonwaiting
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