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[求才「理工」] [ACTi建騰創達] 加州爾灣分公司徵才

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    公司名稱: ACTi 建騰創達

  • 職稱: Field Applications Engineer for Customer Service
  • 工作性質: 全職 (Full time) 
  • 工作地點: 10 Edelman, Suite # 1B Irvine, CA 92618 USA
  • 專業: Computer Science or EE or Engineering related.
  • 是否應屆: 應屆
  • 年齡要求: N/A
  • 性別要求: 男 女 
  • 薪資: 面議
  • 提供H-1或綠卡: 不提供H-1 不提供綠卡 
  • 聯絡方式:
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ACTi建騰創達 加州爾灣分公司徵才

Field Applications Engineer   Location: Irvine, U.S.A

[Role and Responsibility]
1.Managing pre-sale support to design and maintain solutions and help win projects
2.Educate customers through webinar and face-to-face trainings for problem-free deployment
3.Troubleshooting with customers to through definition, analysis, and validation
4.Working with engineering groups to find best solution to fulfill customer needs
5.Deployment of major industry exhibitions

1.Associate Degree or above in Computer Science or EE or Engineering related majority.
2.Knowledge of PC's and PC-based systems
3.Knowledge of Computer Networking
4.Holder of US Citizenship/ Green Card/OPT with Engineering majority for Legitimate Employment within U.S
5.Working experience on product development or tech support is a plus
6.Bilingual in Mandarin is plus.

Ready to apply? Mail your resume to ACTi HR.
Your resume will be reviewed by ACTi managers.

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