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[求才「商」] 請看這裡啦.LOOK HERE !!! Boston Computer Scie

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You could start at least $60k with your first job.
Even if you are not graduating, do you know a software summer intern can earn you $6k~8k or more?

Entry level software developer start around $15k per year
in Taiwan. You've invested time and money studying here, make it worth!

Graduation is getting close, are you ready for job hunting?

Gettingan interview is harder than before. Thousands of resumes are dumped inthe garbage everyday. Don't waste the very precious interview chanceyou could get. Your fancy resume may get you an interview if you arelucky. But ask yourself,
- Are you ready?
- Do you know what they look for?
- What are the tips?
- What are the must asked/known questions?
- Do you have any leads that can pass along your resume directly to the hiring manager?

Firststep always hard, but if you can settle for the first job, you caneasily switch for another job in a year or two. With 5 or more years ofexperience, you could easily jump to six figures income.

I am asenior lead engineer in a leading software company with 8 years ofprofessional experience, and also have been with some other companiessince late 90s. I am also an independent technology consultant. Iconsult for entry level and senior software developer position. Myexperties besides my profession - software development, I specialize ininterview techniques. I have abundant interviewing and beinginterviewed experience.

My interview consulting include:
- Review Resume
- Prepare you with the must known questions,
  1. Language specific: primarily C++ and Java.
  2. Technology related: Client Server Apps. Internet programming.
  3. Fundamental: Data Structure..
- The 'stuffs' you need to know to work in a software company such as Software development cycle and QA process.
- Interview Rehearsing.

Contact me at for detail process.

I am a Taiwanese native, I can consult in both English/Mandarin or Taiwanese.

Last, again DON'T WASTE the precious interview chance you could get, prepare for it!! It could be a new page of your life.

   Contact me at

PS.I and a friend are also preparing for a Start-up. And we are lookingfor talented engineer, contact me, you could be the one!
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No. Of course not. Does the description sound like an ad? I've said clear I am a technology consultant.
I help to consult for entry level and senior software engineer interview.
Let me know if you need help.

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As I mentioned I am a technology consultant. I do charge service fee. The charge may vary from person to person. Some people may just need a few pointers then he or she knows how to handle it. Some may need a bootcamp training.
But overall, the charge should be less than a week of your paid check. Besides the consulting, I have serveral technical leads that can help to pass your resume to the right person.

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