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[北加州] 【轉貼】Dinner with Minister Ferng-Ching Lin

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More information on US-Taiwan High-Tech Forum is on

Dear Presidents of Taiwanese Student Associations:

NATEA is offering a special invitation to the officers of Taiwanese Student Associations  to join a dinner reception for Dr. Ferng-Ching Lin, Minister of State in charge of Science and Technology in Taiwan.  The dinner is 9/11 evening right after US-Taiwan High-Tech Forum.

We will five special rate of $10 per student officers, up to 30 people.  Please organize among yourselves from all the major universities and colleges from Bay area. Call me at 650-814-3888 and let me know the total number of people attending.

This is a great opportunities to meet with top officials from Taiwan and also leaders of Taiwanese community in Silicon Valley.  We will introduce you as a group at the dinner.

Please find the attached flier.

We have invited Dr. Ferng-Ching Lin to be our keynote speaker on September 11 evening at China Stix.  

Dr. Lin is one of the ranking policy maker for Taiwan's technology development. He supports NATEA's continued growth and engagement with Taiwan.

We have reserved 200 seats for this event.

We need your help!!

Can each of the board members and advisers make personal invitation of NATEA members or friends/ associates to come to this dinner.  We allocate three minimum ( not including yourself) for each HQ and SV board members, SIG leaders and advisers.  There is no ticket.  You can go to the web to register or call 408-573-1618 (III) to do a phone registration.  Give your name, phone number and number of attendees.

Please show your support to NATEA.
Please show your support to NATEA.

Please find the attached flier.  Feel free to forward to your friends and colleagues.  The speech will be given in Mandarin.

Tom Chang

Note:  The student discounted rate for the conference is also $15 including lunch.  Please check

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