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[海外工作經驗談] 請問...

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檢視: 6620|回覆: 1
請問什麼叫做 pooled position  ??   是一個 institute 的教書工作...& E3 U, l4 l6 e( z, J& Y

9 L* J0 b/ ^  i5 j+ b謝謝∼∼∼
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/ D, y) H" V  V) u/ r9 C, h3 MQuestion 2 i$ d( `# s+ z4 V$ z" k9 ?* D
  What is a pooled position?0 N& o; C' N  s+ J# r

9 c5 u% s0 d( u- I   b7 r9 T7 b4 b! k  I, n
  Answer ! {! v, C& g; n# w7 ~
  Pooling is the process of allowing a single position to have multiple incumbents and will be available for student and affiliated worker positions.( I% W" K- y) O4 O' H

' p- ^5 |) e! O! I# ]; q/ e*********************************1 \# f- [' Z  ~9 C( ]/ C1 d' D1 m- b

5 O- s( l/ |9 K8 g所以是內部升遷囉??!!( M# x* l& M* d" Q' t/ D
0 _8 i  @  f: k# Q* ?
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