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[Deals] 快搶!Ozeri電子體重計$13.47,免運(原價$49.99)

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檢視: 4542|回覆: 0
Amazon上這個Ozeri Elite Series II Digital Bathroom Scale With 5" Blue Backlit Xbright LCD and InstaOn Technology 原價$49.99,特價$26.95再用50% off coupon code: 2011BODY 後變成$13.47,免運費.動作要快,特價品很快就會被搶光,到時就不是這個價錢囉!!
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  • • Industry leading 5 inch LCD screen with xBright technology provides immediate and easy to read results throughout the day.
  • • Uses 4 new high precision G sensors to weigh up to 400 pounds (180 kilograms) in 0.2lb or 0.1kg increments.
  • • Award winning design incorporates high quality materials, impact-resistant tempered glass and durable construction.
  • • New InstOn Technology captures the precise weight measurements upon contact (no tapping required).
  • • Automatically turns off to conserver battery life, and runs on 4 AAA batteries for better performance (batteries included).
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