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Why Woman and Man

uusmile 發表於 2008-5-20 13:44:16 | 顯示全部樓層 |閱讀模式
檢視: 5783|回覆: 1
IT'S FUNNY! & I$ H3 H' N; r1 k
! e1 \; C0 V" C% u9 l) y& R( g1 X! W' s' w& d/ w$ K
Funny .....but TRUE5 h- X( K1 s1 B; n, g/ s+ U
Believe it or not.
8 G- g4 m) g! o- zWoman has Man in it;
; t* T+ q# M5 Y2 s# JMrs. has Mr . in it;# x& N; M8 C. r, j/ H
Female has Male in it;' I% I( q) o* |5 \, [5 C
She has He in it;
; s$ D) K$ s' l8 B3 IMadam has Adam in it;
( I$ o( b/ M  U8 B! p5 v& PNo wonder men always want to be inside women!
# n# J* x6 ?- D2 `  V+ u0 n% C+ S' O4 p: [  |+ P3 y/ _8 v
Men were born between the legs of a woman,
0 o' W" f# S$ B/ l2 ?) h% l  K# W6 ?7 f/ v; [( z; W. R( ?
yet men spend all their life and time trying ' f; `9 K1 P/ L; v0 F9 G8 Q

5 x2 `. a7 ~! ^  F5 zto go back between the legs of a woman...., Why?
3 C* H9 M5 Y$ J# e/ u# ?% A- h7 u2 s8 m% v! e* E2 S
/ ^( P& F2 e: S8 [) d$ R" A( K
Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now...
* }, H3 r) I/ d" P/ WI never looked at it this way before: " E: D8 y+ m+ U' Z( }* A. o7 N
MENtal illness
. a8 `# @9 q5 \0 AMENstrual cramps+ l7 j3 `3 T1 c  h
MENtal breakdown5 H, k/ \! T/ v. b- i- o* ^" _
MENopause2 i6 o8 A$ W" _4 E
GUY necologist( g6 d9 c3 n0 h, t7 c+ X1 B
AND ..
3 ?7 N' d% q& P8 y, M, o" IWhen we have REAL trouble, it ' s a3 S& k) b# a) k6 N5 w
# i# f7 Y, t7 p6 T: f' D* |) aEver notice how all of women ' s problems start with MEN?
8 o2 Q$ \, [# x
向陽谷居士 發表於 2008-5-20 23:31:24 | 顯示全部樓層
Actually, the phenomena that women's problems start with MEN only happened in English.
# s$ l% c7 R, ^' T1 ^4 yIn Chinese, men's problems always start with GIRL (女).9 ?' `. |& U' X: Q! ~* Y
For example:
. T" B' `8 W" r: M; x# sA slaved man is called as a "奴才"% f$ ?0 y& h0 C! d; p* V* E
A man with cunning behavior is called "奸詐"
1 K* ?7 p) F4 ?  ~$ rA man with mental problem is called "妄想"
4 y4 N3 D+ _& y5 w2 ~A man envies other person is called "嫉妒"
8 ^9 C& N$ O1 S3 A4 h9 P" R" zA man hinder others' business is called "妨礙"3 o! \0 W4 R, `2 [5 F9 g$ Y
A man with ugly appearance and weird act and will be treated as a "妖怪"$ s0 J6 K: z3 _9 ]
A man with erect problem is called as a "痿人": }8 _% b3 W& g/ ^
A man having sex with other's wife is a "姦夫"
( l- q+ l9 ]) [A greedy man who always wants more is called "婪索無度"
; r+ S/ @8 v( z+ u- z- JNeed more proof? No problem!
7 D, U/ m- ]; A# H& v9 Y- BA suspect is a "嫌犯", a detestful man makes you "嫌惡", and if you hate someone, there is some "嫌隙" between you two...
( W  K( s0 B7 pAnd can you find a common negative term start with the Chinese word of man "男" or "子"?
3 d* t) c- ~6 N5 |. XSorry, I had tried but failed!' e. `, T7 t; g8 p3 e$ d

* ?# K) [& i+ H7 l# ^5 zSo, thanks for sharing your thought.
3 ?- F/ b) I$ ^% z( KBut please don't put the blame on men if you have women's problem, especially when you do read Chinese!
2 C! G* m( }( p: m
  G* ]2 K8 v  i7 A[ 本帖最後由 向陽谷居士 於 2008-5-22 09:13 AM 編輯 ]
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