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[不分區] Join us in reminding Washington to support Taiwan

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Dear Friends:
Given the grim economic outlook here at home and abroad, Washington is predominantly occupied with the stimulus package and economic recovery plans. But it is important that Congress and the Administration keep a close eye on foreign hotspots, such as the Taiwan Strait, that can challenge U.S. interests in the region. We need your help to remind Congress and the Administration to continue supporting the people of Taiwan and their hard-earned democracy.
We currently have two petition letter campaigns and need you to help us contact your Members of Congress and the Administration:
(1) House Concurrent Resolution 18, calling for the U.S. diplomatic recognition of Taiwan:
In light of the 30th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act in April 2009, please join us to remind Congress that the time is now that the United States considers establishing diplomatic relations with Taiwan.
Such "Separate Recognition" ( ... 09/01/11/2003433419) by the U.S of China and Taiwan can be a model for those nations which seek to align both countries in a mutual co-existing relationship.  
Congressman John Linder of Georgia introduced this important resolution on January 9, 2009.
Visit here to urge your Members of Congress to co-sponsor this resolution.
(2) Letter to President Obama and Secretary Clinton:
Taiwan, one of the young democracies and staunchest U.S. allies, has been systematically shunned by Washington for the sake of a harmonious U.S.-China relationship. Taiwan's democratic aspirations, such as holding referendums, and repeated membership appeals to the United Nations, did not receive much support in Washington or elsewhere.
The roadblock Taiwan is facing all comes down to an outdated "One China" Policy. The "One China" Policy originates from when the U.S. needed China to counter the threat of the former Soviet Union. The Soviet Union no longer exists today.  Moreover, clinging to this outdated foreign policy is dangerous to American strategic interests in the region.
Visit here to urge President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to rid policy.
The people of Taiwan need your help to ensure that Taiwan issues stay on the American government's radar screen during this tumultuous time.
Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to join our campaign and send messages supporting Taiwan.
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